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300 People Killed, Houses Burnt As Boko Haram Misleads Army To Strike

At least 300 people have been killed in a fresh attack in the early hours of Tuesday morning when Boko Haram members stormed Gamborou Ngala town in Borno State, after misleading the security forces deployed to the area to protect the state.

The soldiers moved to the Lake Chad axis when they received intelligence report that some gunmen were sighted with abducted school girls moving to the area. The soldiers decided to leave the town for Lake Chad to confront them, but Boko Haram struck just an hour after they left. Continue below.

They came at night and people were already sleeping. They started burning houses and shops and those who tried to escape from the burning houses were shot dead. At least 300 people were confirmed dead with thousands of houses burnt and 200 cars destroyed. They didn’t atatck the villages but came to town. They shot everyone at sight. An outfit of the Nigerian Customs Service was also burnt. They spent 12 hours wreaking havoc on defenceless civilians, Senator Ahmed Zannah, who is from the area told BBC Hausa.

He also pointed out that the attackers were armed with dangerous weapons comprising of Armored Personnel Carries , (APC), Improvised Explosive Devices, (IEDs), petrol bombs, assault rifles and Rocket Propelled Launchers (RPGs)

TOO BAD!!! See Why Chris Brown Could Languish In Jail For Four More Years!

The guy Breezy allegedly beat in D.C may be telling the truth following a recent  pics shared!

Feel sorry for him or not, Chris Brown may be sentenced to jail for four years come May after shocking gnarling pictures of his victim landed with prosecutors today, May 6!

The bloody pictures from the brawl allegedly involving Breezy, his body guard and the D.C man they’re accused of brutalizing have just been released and they don’t look good for the singer’s forthcoming trial.

According to TMZ, “A judge approved the release of the photos Today  and  the pics were entered into evidence by prosecutors during the recent trial of Brown’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy.”

The bloody face belongs to Parker Adams, the man who says both Brown and Hollosy went ballistic on him in October last year outside a D.C. hotel – punching him in the face for attempting to photo-bomb a pic Brown was taking with two girls.

With these new photos, do you guys –snittzted  fans – think Chris Brown will survive his trial this May?…throw in ur comments

Maheeda REVEALS Why She Posts N*de Pictures On Social Media (READ)

Controversial Nigerian gospel singer, who is well known for her x-rated photographs, Caroline Sam, popularly known as Maheeda, has revealed why she returned to her old lifestyle.

The Edo State born singer, who was once a prostitute and made an open confession that she has repented and found Christ, said the reason she posted sensuous pictures of herself on her twitter and instagram accounts lately was because she wanted to show the world how sexy she is.

Maheeda, a self-confessed born-again Christian, was a special guest on a programme monitored on Galaxy Television, Lagos, Thursday morning. She said she was a born again Christian at a time but later backslid in her calling.

She said despite the fact that she is still spiritually inclined, she does not regret posting her semi-n*de pictures on the social-media.

According to the self acclaimed baddest naija bitch, “I’m not posting those n*de pictures on the internet to teach people to start going n*ked, I posted them because I felt I am s*xy and I love s*xuality.

“In Europe, where I live, at a certain age, parents will start to teach their children about s*x education. But it is unfortunate that I came from this part of the world (Africa) where sentiment is attached to everything.

“I’m 31 years old and I can’t pretend to behave like a baby or something. I’m sexy and I like it. I’m still spiritually inclined and I have some gospel songs which are not out yet. One of them is Papangolo,” she said.

When told that she was supposed to be a role model and should not be the one posting n*de pictures on the internet, she replied: ”I think the parents has a lot to do in that respect. They should try as much as possible to prevent their children from going naked on the streets.

“They should teach them s*x education. Those n*de pictures you see is Maheeda. That is me. I am just expressing myself. I’m sexy and I am only appreciating that fact because I love sexuality,” she averred.

She had earlier in an interview talked about how she struggled to quit prostitution and turned to God for help.

She was quoted as saying “even after getting married, I still have this urge of going out to meet a man. But I felt it should not be so. I’m trying to let people know there is a spirit behind prostitution.

“If there were no spirits, why after getting married, I still have such urge. I have everything. I live in Lekki, I’m driving a very big car and my husband gives me whatever I want, so why would I still feel like going into prostitution?

“There is a spirit behind it. I continued prostitution even after getting married. The only thing that changed me was being born again and being delivered.”

Maheeda had received severe criticisms from Nollywood movie director Charles Novia as regards her raunchy pictures on twitter and instagram.

Novia in an article entitled: “Maheeda’s maladjustment,” wrote about the prominence of naked pictures of the singer on different social media.

The controversies and criticisms she attracted with her semi-nude photos led to her being banned from the social media site Instagram.

Gay man burned alive by anti-homosexual mob in Uganda (Viewer Discretion)

Uganda Anti Homosexuality bill. Death opposed but life imprisonment just fine.

It seems the ongoing struggle to bring awareness to the plight of same sex persons in the African region is increasingly being fraught with increased disarray.

Point in case the latest photo to make social media rounds, this time first appearing on imgur of that of what the posting individual has termed gay person burned alive by anti gay mob in Uganda.

The harrowing image involves that of an individual, one assumes a gay person who has literally been burned alive. How or why the circumstances have come to be are not known.

As the deceased lies forlorn near railway tracks, onlookers, including children look on, one imagines resigned, elated that yet another individual has been ‘appropriately punished’ for having gone against the grain of society.

The image comes off the back of a purported video that made the rounds last week including that of two gay men beaten to death by an angry mob with planks of wood. In that video image, police are seen abiding by the crowd as they continually to mercilessly beat the two men to death. In the background an ambulance is sent back on its way.

Told recently, Akinyi Ocholla, a self confessed lesbian from Nairobi who works for Minority Women in Action and is a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Association: ”Being gay in this country isn’t exactly easy. It’s not as bad as in Uganda, but it’s still not easy. But you can actually pass. If you don’t make too much noise or stand out too much, then you can live comfortably — that is, until the neighborhood finds out. Then you can’t really know what’s going to happen.”

Over the weekend Uganga lawmakers passed new laws in relation to those persons engaging in same sex. Tells the BBC:  Uganda’s parliament has passed a bill to toughen the punishment for homosexual acts to include life imprisonment in some cases.

The anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people.

The prime minister opposed the vote, saying not enough MPs were present.

May we ask when will these atrocities stop once and for all and why do they continue to happen and why to date has the United Nations allowed such action to persist? Surely it must be time to put a stop to such inappropriate treatment of other human beings, even if their lifestyles are not condoned by various cultural or religious imperatives in the region. Which begs the question why they are so violently condemned in the first place?