Sunny Neji Celebrates 12 Years Of Marriage ( LOOK )

Award winning singer, Sunny Neji, yesterday celebrated his 12 years of marriage to his wife, Peace. The Cross River State born musician, who thrilled many with his then hit track, ‘Oruka’, some years ago, took to Facebook to praise his wife. On November 1, 2001, the Mr Fantastic crooner got married to his wife, who have given him a beautiful daughter named Ntishokarome.

Neji wrote on Facebook :
“Wao, it’s 12 years already and you are still the one who makes my heart skips a beat. You are still the one I wake up with. You are still the one I share my plans and dreams with.
“You are still the one I pray with. You are still the one I love coming home to because you are the one. Thanks God for you darling wife. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. I love you and always will. Happy anniversary sweetheart.” 


[ BREAKING NEWS ] :: D’Banj Disgraced By Fans ( READ )

If gist reaching us is anything to by, top Nigerian artiste, Dapo Oyebanjo, better known as D’Banj may be gradually losing his music popularity. Going by what has almost taken over the blogosphere, the energetic singer was unable to satisfy his teeming fans in Zimbabwe, where he performed last week Saturday.

As widely reported, local artistes from Uganda billed for the event performed better that the acclaimed African star, who reportedly left those at the event disappointed as he reportedly struggled to impress them with some of his then hit songs.

Those who had thought D;Banj would bring down the Glamis Arena venue for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival in Zimbabwe, reportedly got angry with his performance.

After the other local artistes have set the stage on fire, D’Banj, who reportedly performed last, almost left the crowd leaving him to perform for an empty hall when he reportedly could not meet up with expectations.

[ XCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ] :: Why I don’t sleep with my female fans – Rapper, Olamide ( READ )

Artiste, Olamide Adedeji keeps pushing the boundaries in the Yoruba rap genre in the Nigerian music industry using a style of delivery made popular by late music superstar, Da Grin.

In this Sun Newspapers interview, the talented rapper who is also a final year student of the Tai Solarin University speaks on his growing up, music, relationship with popular producer, I.D Cabasa, and rumoured affiliation with the Illuminati, believed to be a secret society.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

 Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Olamide Adedeji. I’m a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State. I was born and bred in Bariga, Lagos. I’m a student of Tai Solarin University where I’m studying Mass Communication. I’m from a family of seven.

How did you start out as rapper?

I discovered music was in me while growing up. In 2003 I started writing my own lines and performing at shows and the rest today is history.

What was growing up like?

Growing up was not that rosy neither was it that bad. Growing up in the ghetto was quite challenging because you’re looked down on by kids from upscale neighbourhoods. In the ghetto I was given ghetto orientation which is never to look down on myself no matter what.

Tell us about your love life?

I have nothing to say about that.

Late Dagrin seemed to have influenced you a great deal. What does he mean to you?

He’s more like the late Martin Luther King. I call him Barrack ‘O Grin. He is such a blessing to Nigeria. He really paved the way big time for up-and coming rappers like myself back in the day. It’s not like there has not been other people before him but his impact was awesome! Dagrin is a great artiste and I respect him; he is a legend.

Lately you have become so big. How are you filling the vacuum Dagrin left behind?

I don’t know. It is depend on people’s perspective. I just live my life the way I feel and besides, I’m not the only rapper in the industry. There are others like Lord of Ajasa. However I’m only doing my thing. Now people are comparing me to Dagrin and that feels great. I see it as a blessing from God. I can’t say I’m the best rapper; that would be ridiculous. It’s like saying Jay Z is the best rapper. However,  it’s not like Jay Z is better than B.I.G but people see the love they have for B.I.G in Jay Z. B.I.G died when he started making money and people were heartbroken. And Jay Z can never open his mouth and say ‘I’m better than B.I.G.’ The same thing applies to me too. I can’t say I’m better than Dagrin.

How do you get inspiration for your music?

I discovered a long time ago that rap music is all around me so I draw a lot of inspiration from my environment. I just feel comfortable being a rapper as opposed to singing. Seeing rap icons like Dagrin and the love he had for the art just overwhelms me.

How do you handle your female fans?

(laughter)We dey try. Behind every successful man there is a woman. For me it’s not just about a woman but women so I take advantage of it positively. I don’t sleep with my female fans; I treat them like my sisters.

What’s been your happiest moment?

God has done many things for me. I can’t tell which moment is the happiest but one I can remember was the release of my first album, Rhapsodi. I was so happy when it was released. That album registered my name in the annals of the history of rap music in Nigeria.

What was it like meeting I.D Cabasa?

I met I.D Cabasa when I went to record with a friend in a studio. We met each other and struck the right chords and the connection took off from there. That’s how I ended up having his support.  And ever since, he’s been giving me that special big brotherly love.

What’s your advice for up-and-coming artistes?

My advice is that they should put God first and do less of unnecessary hard work.

If not rap what would you be doing?

For now, I don’t see myself leaving the rap world. I would rather be running a rap music label.

What is the meaning of Ilefo Illuminati

It is slang in my neighbourhood in Bariga, Lagos. Ilefo simply means swag.

There is talk that you belong to illuminati. How true is this?

I have been correcting that impression in all my interviews and I’m not going to get tired of it. I only feel I need to keep representing my own people and communicating with them in a way that they will understand me. So, I want to tell my people that I don’t belong to illuminati or any secret society.

What has been your challenges?

Wow! It used to be an issue of finance. Right now the major one we are facing is the issue of piracy. And it’s crazy men! I feel it should stop but I also know it can never be stopped!

What are your dreams?

I want to be a global brand that is why I’m looking up to God. It is not by my power but by the grace of God. I feel honoured and great that I’m one of the top profile rappers in town.

Beverly Osu and Best friend Become Sworn Enemies Fighting over a Man ( READ )

So Beverly Osu and her best friend Charity Owoh are no longer friends. In fact I hear they are currently sworn enemies…and it all has to do with one gorgeous man, Big Brother Africa contestant Bimp Habesh from Ethiopia. Beverly and Charity fell out after Charity began to pursue Bimp who has been staying more in Nigeria since the reality show ended a few more months ago. Charity went as far as introducing Bimp to her mum and let everyone know she was interested in him. Then came Beverly, who also started showing interest in Bimp. Remember she confessed her feelings to Bimp in the Big Brother house but Bimp told her he had a girlfriend and Bev subsequently turned to Angelo.

Anyhoo, the two friends first fell out after Charity allegedly told Angelo (when he was in Nigeria) that Beverly still had a thing for Bimp, and after Angelo left, things became really heated between the former BFFs. Beverly felt betrayed that her best friend not only ratted her out but also went after Bimp knowing how she felt about him. I hear that one of them even went as far as opening a twitter account to attack the other, and the other one got so depressed about the situation (because all their friends supported the other) that she ‘contemplated’ suicide.

Bimp is currently not dating any of the girls. He might not even know that they are fighting over him.

Also, Beverly has edited her twitter account where she had charity’s email address as her ‘for booking contact’ and has removed everything about charity in her biography.

The heartbreaking poem a 14yr old girl wrote before she killed herself

Izzy Dix (pictured above), a gifted pupil who had ambitions to go to Oxford University, took her own life after complaining she could no longer cope with being bullied, both at school and online.

‘Izzy would come home and sob in my arms” Her mother Gabbi said “They called her “ugly”, “freak”, “frigid”. If she put her hands up in class, she’d be labelled a “swot” and they’d snigger at her, or make crude comments. They’d exclude her from events, tell her to go home, she wasn’t wanted. They’d turn their backs on her, literally. When she did come home, it didn’t stop, because it doesn’t, these days. They name-called her by text, then online. She’d log onto Facebook and get abuse. Then onto that awful site and be subjected to filth.”

14 yr old Izzy committed suicide on September 17th. Her mother explained what happened that night
“When she came home from school that night, she seemed tired and a bit cranky. We had words because I wanted to watch The Great British Bake Off and she didn’t. But there was nothing to suggest she was going to do what she did. I remember she painted her nails – she was so meticulous about how she looked – then went up to her room and did her homework, had a shower, got her bag ready for school, laid out her uniform. I popped in and we had another chat about how the bullying was getting on top of her. It was nothing we hadn’t done 100 times before, and I’d always give her the talk about how she was stronger than the bullies.
‘Then I went downstairs while she got ready for bed. I had a cup of tea and a cigarette — she hates me smoking so I did it outside. I was gone 15 minutes, tops. In that 15 minutes my life was destroyed.’

When she came back inside, Gabbi went back upstairs to see if Izzy was getting into bed, but the bedroom door did not swing back as usual.
‘Something was blocking it, and it was Izzy,’ she says, and breaks down completely.
Her description of the hours that followed is too awful to relate in detail, but she managed to get her daughter’s body down and dial 999, then ran hysterically into the street. Neighbours tried to revive Izzy while she ‘just took off’.

‘It’s all a blur. At one point I ran into a car. A police officer had to restrain me.
‘I remember him saying, “I am so sorry to have to do this” as he got me to the ground.’

Not long before her suicide, Izzy wrote a heartbreaking poem about her ordeal. She called it I Give Up. See it below

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