Codes For Airtel 2GB & 4GB BIS Data Caps

Remember when Airtel lied to us, even scammed us, saying that they were giving its Bis users unlimited  data plan for #1500 for one month? That really had many of us porting to Airtel until we figured it was all a scam!
Did they think we were not going to finish their gigabytes and so not really notice that they were just giving us some lousy 2gig data cap?
Enough of the complaints though!
The Airtel ”unlimited” code has been tested and confirmed to be 2GB or 4GB and not unlimited.
But here is the thing, we can get 4 Gigabyte for the same amount but just with the use of a little bit different code.
Airtel BIS Codes
*440*161#  for one month at N1500 for 4 Gigabytes
*440*16#  for one month at N1500 for 2 Gigabytes
Difference? Noticed the first had an extra digit “1”?
So, why spend N1500 for 2GB when you can spend the same amount for twice the data cap, 4GB?
Its your choice ladies and gents! Just thought I should let you guys know the differences
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