Photos: Maheeda gets completely naked for her new music video

20140104-024143 PM.jpg

20140104-024205 PM.jpg

20140104-024229 PM.jpg

20140104-024236 PM.jpg

20140104-024242 PM.jpg

20140104-024131 PM.jpg

20140104-024159 PM.jpg

20140104-024131 PM.jpg

20140104-024126 PM.jpg

20140104-024154 PM.jpg

20140104-024222 PM.jpg

20140104-024216 PM.jpg

20140104-024148 PM.jpg

20140104-024210 PM.jpg

20140104-024248 PM.jpg

20140104-024137 PM.jpgThis will definitely get a ban from NBC, but I’m sure Maheeda doesn’t care. The new music video was shot today somewhere in Ikeja for one of her songs titled ‘Naija Bad Girl’. She’s practically naked in some scenes in this video. Unbelievable! See more photos after the cut…18+ please o…


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