People magazine has just declared what most of us already knew: Kerry Washington is the best dressed woman in the world. The actress is flawless on the red carpet and her Scandal character, Olivia Pope, has inspired wardrobe makeovers since its debut. Now the 36-year-old Emmy Award nominee tops a list of veritable fashion icons like Solange Knowles and Zoe Saldana. People magazine Executive Editor Elizabeth Sporkin even credited Washington for starting this year’s trend in “lady-like fashion.”

Washington says her choice for feminine styles has a lot to do with being comfortable and looking appropriate for the occasion.

“I don’t wear a lot of pants,” Washington said in a statement announcing the honor. “When I go somewhere I want to know I’m going to be comfortable and I’m dressed for the event.”

Meanwhile, Knowles got props for being confident enough to take fashion risks and passing with flying colors. “She really does push the envelope,” said Sporkin. “No one else would even think of putting together the looks she wears. She always pulls it off.”

20130920-093224 AM.jpg


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