[ BREAKING ] : Madonna TOPS high-earners ranking with £80million per year ( READ )

According to daily Mail  , Pop icon Madonna is currently the world’s top-earning celebrity raking with   £80million ($125m) in the past year. The Material Girl singer, 55, struck gold with her £196million ($305m)-grossing MDNA tour, and was also helped by sales of clothing, fragrance and various investments, according to the Forbes list.
Director Steven Spielberg, who had a big hit last year with ‘Lincoln,’ was a distant second with earnings of £64million ($100m) in the year ended June 2013. find below the chart
1.) Madonna                           £80million         
2.) Steven Spielberg             £64million  
3.) Howard Stern                    £61million  
3.) E.L. James                         £61million
3.) Simon Cowell                    £61million
6.) James Patterson              £58million
7.) Glenn Beck                       £57million
8.) Michael Bay                      £53million
9.) Jerry Bruckheimer           £51.5million    
9.) Lady Gaga                         £51.5million
11.) Bon Jovi                          £51million    
12.) Tyler Perry                       £50million
12.)Tiger Woods                     £50million
14.) Oprah Winfrey                 £49million
15.) Robert Downey Jr           £48million   
16.) Dr. Phil Mcgraw               £46million
17.) Roger Federer                £45million
18.) Rush Limbaugh               £42million
19.) Toby Keith                        £41.5million
20.) Coldplay                           £41million    


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