First of all, I wonder why a doctor would accept to operate on an 18-year-old girl’s boobs all in the guise of giving her bigger boobs. Is she not too young for such “sophistication”? I really think this is crazy!
As a your read this, Linda Perez is now in coma after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure that was done by cosmetic medical practitioners with questionable credentials. And it seems Linda’s mum was aware that her teenage daughter was going for boobs enlargement.

According to NBC 6, Linda was in surgery at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center on Monday morning when something went wrong during the procedure. Speaking on her fate, her mum, Mariela Diaz said: “What they gave me was my daughter as a vegetable.”

Linda who already has a 3-year-old child, is believed to have suffered brain damage in the process.


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