For quite a long time, iPhone users have been finding it difficult to browse with Blackberry subscription on their device and it’s somehow mind bugging because it ought not to be so. Some couples of weeks back, I posted a tutorial on TunnelBear for iPhone users but it seems not work out for everybody because ip addresses was somehow mask on their data base restricting more people from using that particular VPN.

But I’d like to introduce you to a more better and precise VPN that will serve iPhone/ipad users pending till when Mtn will open their blackberry subscription plan for other non blackberry device.

The funniest aspect is that this VPN I’m about to share with us, works with Etisalat bis subscription. So if you want to make use of Etisalat blackberry subscriptions,
you can simply use it with your iPhone with the aid of this VPN.

Avast SecureMyline VPN allow you to surf anonymously by masking your IP address, make your browsing session secrets, and bypass infected, defected and inflicted
network like etisalat and Mtn. In order words, it will allow you to browse secretly, effectively and judiciously by compressing your data cap. It’ time to start surfing the net secretly friends.

How Can I Get This Avast SecureMyline VPN?
1. Download it from iTunes Store by Clicking Here

2. Run and install it on your iPhone/ iPad.

3. Make sure data compression is on so that you can gallantly compress 2.5GB data cap to unlimited.

4. Apn: for Mtn bis and for etisalat use either ‘etisalat or’

Avast is not just an antivirus but also an ugly intelligent invisible chairman resident on your computer… It mask even your network IP address on system.

I know you’ve got questions for me, so let’s keep it rolling in.


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