How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone

talking, and they love being surprised with a phone call even more. It’s the fact that you put in extra effort to think about them that makes the surprise phone call so meaningful. And if you read these tips, you’ll know exactly what to say to make the content of the call perfect as well — so much that your girl will swoon.

StepsTips and Warnings
Call her, and when she answers say, “Hey! How’s my girl doing?” Sound really interested. When you say this she will feel good and it will make her feel close to you. Saying this to any girl will make her feel stronger about you. (Talk to her in a low calm and sexy flirty voice the whole time on the phone.) She’ll want to talk to you.

Note: If she doesn’t answer and it goes to voicemail, leave her a cute voicemail like, “Hey just calling to tell you I love you!” If you guys aren’t exactly that close yet, leave her a cute one like, “Hey just wanted to see how you’re doing, I miss you!”
After she replies with what she’s doing, reply to her with a story on how your day went. Don’t make it boring. Just make it sound thoughtful! She should have something to say about it after you’re done. See how far that can go and try to keep the conversation going.

Make sure your conversation doesn’t get too dull. And do NOT talk to her like she’s your grandmother and you have to. Ask questions, if you can’t think of what questions to ask her, here are a few. Ask her what she likes about you, if she asks you what you like about her afterwards, tell her shes beautiful and fun and whatever else you like and tell her how amazing she is. Be like, “So, I have a question…” After a couple seconds or after she says “what?” say, “How did you get so beautiful?” She will laugh, guaranteed. If she doesn’t, she’s too tight, or not comfortable, let her know you really like her. Try to make her feel more comfortable.

Be open and honest to her. Girls love guys who are sensitive and can talk about how they feel.

Don’t talk about other girls on the phone unless she brings it up.

If you bring up a girl in any kind of way it’ll let her know you were thinking about them. Not good.

Talk about the future of your relationship.

This is only a suggestion for a girl you’re close with and would like to talk about it. You know your house, where you two would live, children, all that fun stuff.
When it’s time to end the conversation:

If you decide to end it, say, “Alright, well I gotta go, can I call you later or something?”
If she decides to end it, say, “Well alright bye I’ll talk to you later? Text me maybe?”
Note: You can throw a “Bye, beautiful” in there if you want.
By the end of this phone call you’ll know if she likes you or not. You’ll know by the way she responds to you. If you didn’t get much of a response to any of this stuff, maybe she is not the girl for you. Any other girl would be perfectly happy with this phone call. If she’s not satisfied you two have different definitions of relationships and hers would be the friends one.


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