KiD CuDi Reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse



kid cudi  who recently collaborated with kendrick lamar on “Solo Dolo  Pt. 2” decided to share his thoughts on Kendrick’s “Control (HOF)” verse and the numerous responses it’s getting via Twitter. CuDi says he’s a fan of Kendrick’s aggressive verse, explaining “Hip Hop ain’t about hugs and high fives.” However, he is not a fan of the countless responses that have been made because that energy could be used more productively. Read his full thoughts on the matter below:

People keep asking me how I feel about Kendricks verse on Big Seans jams. It was dope! Ur suppose to want to bite the heads of ur opponents. Hip Hop aint about hugs and high fives. I personally don’t think anyone should have responded. Niggaz need to put that energy into makin a classic album and responding that way. Id feel this way had he mentioned me or not. Cuz at the end of the day Kendrick showed love, was polite and really genuine when we worked. And thats what matters. Every rapper should want to murder other rappers. Its a joke otherwise. Im just happy i lost the “MOST EMO RAPPER AWARD” recently ha. To everyone who felt some type of way by Kendricks verse ha. Its rap. niggaz aint saving lives or feeding the hungry. who caresses. Ok so those are my thoughts.Image

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