A 17-year-old Chinese girl,Hu Yixuan was allegedly raped and murdered after helping a pregnant woman who faked an illness to lure her to her husband so he could have sex with a virgin.  Intern nurse Hu Yixuan passed by the expectant mother who had pretended to collapse in the street in Jiamusi city in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. She accompanied the woman, named locally as Tan, to her home where she was met by her husband who gave her yoghurt spiked with sleeping pills. The man then tried to rape her, but she was conscious enough to fight him off.

During the struggle, the couple suffocated her with a quilt before stuffing her body in a suitcase and burying her in a rural area, according to China.org.cn which cited the Heilongjiang Morning Post.

Haunting surveillance footage reportedly shows Hu’s last moments as she walks with Tan under an umbrella to the house on Wednesday last week.  One of Hu’s friends also uploaded a chilling screenshot of the girl’s final WeChat message to her before she was killed. It said: ‘I’ve just helped a pregnant aunty to her doorstep.’

The same CCTV camera later allegedly shows the pregnant woman and her husband carrying the suitcase containing Hu’s body to a car before driving away, it was reported by shanghaiist.com.

Neighbours claimed the couple had separated after the woman was ‘caught in bed with another man’ but she had tried to win him back by promising to ‘find him a virgin’ to have sex with.


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