Emelia Brobbey ,Ghanaian actresses is in a big mess and stigma that might take an iron sponge to clean after a thorough scrub. The supposedly role model, Emelia Brobbey was reportedly arrested in the UK for allegedly shoplifting an item at a shop.

She was accused of stealing a bracelet at Piercings store while she was on vacation in London. According to an Accra based radio station, Adom FM, the incident has now landed some other Ghanaian celebs in the UK into a big trouble, who now face deportation threat.

It was gathered that the home of Gloria Agyeman, who hosted Emelia in London at. Waltham Forest, was ransacked by the police when the actress (Emelia) gave the address of Gloria as hers. This led to sniffing into the immigration status of the host by the police as they asked that she (Gloria) reports to the station each week until they are satisfied with her status.

She was cleared but another actress, Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa, wasn’t as she was said to have overstayed in the country.

Maybe by the time you are reading this story, Eunice might have been forcefully dropped in Ghana or already on her way or presently at the UK Border Agency’s detention centre awaiting deportation. But for the alleged shoplifting actress, she should be in Ghana as you are reading this piece as she was scheduled for deportation yesterday (Monday).


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